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Real-Time School Bus Monitoring Keep track of your school buses in real-time with a comprehensive transport management solution

School Bus Tracker

A product of Pragmagic Labs aimed at providing a reliable and dependable tracking of school buses. It's a simple and easy to use school bus tracking application for both parents and school transport administrators. Parents can know the whereabouts of their loved ones from the app and don't have to call the drivers or the transport desk. No more waiting at the stop, the real-time ETAs and location tracking will help to reach the stop at the right time, every time! Schools, on the other hand, have the exact status of the bus too. The product has three components. GPS tracker device, a mobile app for parents and a mobile app for the transport administrators.


The solution is powered by PragmaTrack. PragmaTrack is a compact, tamper-proof GPS device backed by a modern software platform, developed by Pragmagic Labs. We use this device across various GPS based solutions we offer.


Parents Mobile App

Real-time ETAs

It helps the parents to reach the stop by the time the bus arrives. Not too early or too late.

Real-time Location

It helps the parents to track the exact bus location.

Real-time Status Updates

It helps the parents to get to know when the bus started, reached the stop, ETA to school and when the bus reached the school.

Intelligent Voice Notifications

Parents can configure, how many minutes before they would like to get a voice notification about the bus arrival. Voice notifications can be annoying, so it will work only when the parent is around the stop. It is also integrated with the school holiday calendar.

One-App Many Schools

Kids are going to different schools, both the buses can be viewed in the same app.

Android and iOS

It works on both


Transport Admin Mobile App

Real-time ETAs

Get to know exactly when will the bus arrive at school.

Real-time Location

Track the bus in real-time.

Real-time Status Updates

Know the exact status of the bus. When did the bus start from school, how many stops completed, last stop, next stop, ETA to school and when the bus reached the school.

Multiple Routes

Track each route the bus is assigned to, separately.

Monitor the buses

Track the buses even when they are not on the route but moving.

No calls from parents

Since the parents have the updated status of the bus, expect no calls from parents seeking the bus status.

Android and iOS

It works on both



We install the GPS device on the school buses.


Our field engineers and technical support team will collect students, parents and routes data and upload it to our system.


We will notify the parents with login information. They download the app from AppStore or Playstore and should be all set!


We constantly are innovating to make things better and better for our customers and their customers. Our team is busy taking this whole interface to the next level.

We are integrating the buses with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.*


Apps available for Android, iOS.

For Schools

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