How to get login credentials?
You would have received an email with login username and password. If not please email us at hello@pragmagiclabs.com with your ward's school name and bus route number.
How to reset my password?
Please email us at hello@pragmagiclabs.com, we shall send you an email with link to reset your password. You can alternatively call us at +91 87626 81889
How to track the bus?
You will be able to track the bus only when the route is active. Tap on the bus you would liek to track from the list. A new screen comes up with map and bus with it's real-time location.
How to change the voice alert time?
You will receive a voice alert 5 minutes before the ETA to your pick or drop point. If you want to change it, please long press the bus you would like to change this setting for from the list, update the value and save.